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Have you asked yourself any of these three questions?

Isn't everyone sad?

Is it normal that I no longer have desires to do things I use to do?

Why am I having trouble sleeping?

Why does it seem like I can't "turn off" my mind and relax?

How do I reconnect with my spouse?

Is it too late to regain our connection?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Amber work and what does therapy look like with her?

I complete an intake and establish goals with the patient during the first session. Then each week I give them "homework" which is just tools that the patient can use and see how these tools fit into their lives. I break goals down into smaller steps so by the end of therapy hopefully they have reached their goals without being overwhelmed.

What are tools?

These are skills that can help regain the balance in our lives. They are also skills that help counter anxiety and depression. Every patient is different so I suggest a variety of tools to each individual in order to see what works for that person.

Can she see an individual and eventually see other members of my family?

I can see a couple together and as individuals as well, as long as both parties are comfortable and agree to this decision. I cannot discuss in the couple's session what was said in each individual session unless the patient requests. This goes for families as well.

What payments do you accept?

I take cash and I also have a payment square. I will take payment at the end of our session. Also, if there is a no show or frequent cancellations there will be a $160 charge. This will be invoiced to the patient and can be paid at the next appointment or the payment can be made over the phone. The reason for this charge is to protect my time and also because that appointment could have been used by someone who really required the services.

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A Different Approach to Improve Mental Health & Patreon

My name is Amber Herrera, I have been a licensed therapist for several years, and over the years the feedback that I hear from people is therapy needs to be more accessible. With this in mind I have created a program that allows all people to receive some level of guidance regardless of their situation.

With the use of Patreon, The Grit offers different levels of information and tools, as well as various price ranges, so you have the ability to customize how much information you require. This is not to replace individual or couples therapy, it is simply some foundational skills that can help get you moving in the right direction. There is a wide range of topics for all ages, they will change each month, and provide a lot of options to help as many people as possible with their mental health journey.

Through Patreon you will be provided with a lot of different opportunities; there are extended videos (basic), that take a deeper look into life's challenges and provide tools and explanations on how to change and improve areas of our lives. Also, there is a blog where additional topics will be discussed and there is an opportunity to submit questions for future topics. Finally, in the elite package there are audio lectures and workshops, that are an amazing opportunity to get a greater insight and in-depth look at the most common struggles people face, and finally an opportunity to have early enrollment into an annual wellness retreat. I hope with these options I can help as many people as possible and every one can get started on taking care of their mental health! Become a Patron!

If you would like more information please email me at thegrittherapy@outlook.com or call me at 720-990-4308.

Services Available

Individual Session

Video or phone sessions


Available Monday -Thursday


Extended Videos (Basic)

Purchase through Patreon

Basic Tier $20/ Month

4 videos (3-5 min) each month. With a variety of topics covered and topics will change each month. These videos will give the patron some foundational tools and skills to get moving in the right direction with their mental health.

Also featuring a blog discussing important life challenges, and a chance to submit questions to be selected as topics.

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Audio Lecture (Elite)

Purchase through Patreon

Elite tier $50/ month

Monthly audio lecture 45-60 minutes in length. Topics will differ each month providing an in depth look into the different challenges people face. There will be skills and tools provided, educational pieces to help develop understanding, and answering some questions that are chosen from the blog.

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Amber's Expertise

Here's a list of some common topics discussed.

Substance Issues, Family and Marriage, Trauma, Individual, Adolescents, Grief, Anxiety, Career Counseling, Anger Management, Depression, Addictions, Life Balance & Coaching